Dr. John R. Ellis, M.D. closed his private office in 2001, stopped all clinical neurology care in 2004, and stopped doing EMG/NCVs in 2009.  So anyone claiming to be me and still treating patients is an imposter. 

Mail address for OFFICE records:

P.O. Box 51509
Amarillo, TX 79159-1509
Phone (806) 352-1456

All EMG/NCV studies were done at Northwest Texas Hospital or Baptist-St.Anthony Hospital. Contact them for copies of those records.

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Medication refills should come from your Primary Care Physician!
Dr. Ellis is Board Certified in Adult Neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He is licensed to Practice only in Texas. This web site owned by Dr. Ellis is viewed as a Billboard on the Information Superhighway, originally used for advertising, and now to deter ID theft by medical frauds. Do not contact Dr. Ellis for medical advice over the internet.

If you are seeking Office Medical Records from Neurologist Dr.John Robert Ellis, M.D. or Neurosurgeon Dr. John Victor Ellis, M.D., call or write or email my office for additional instructions.

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